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Why are electric bikes environmentally friendly?

Last Updated on 1 March 2023 by Stefano

With an electric bike, there is no emission of particles!

Greenhouse gases are the first substance we talk about when it comes to global warming.

And nowadays, most energies emit this type of gas that is harmful to the planet.

Indeed, fuel oil, oil, metals…, all have had major effects on the average temperature of the oceans and the atmosphere for many years.

The most toxic vapour remains nitrous oxide which is a gas mainly emitted by diesel cars. According to statistics, this harmful substance causes up to 9,400 premature deaths a year in London because it is responsible for serious problems with the respiratory system.

Thus, the accumulation of greenhouse gases has harmful consequences on the planet and on the health of the population due to poor air quality.

In addition, fossil-powered vehicles and transport are the main emitters of greenhouse gases. City cars and heavy goods vehicles, therefore, contribute daily to the destruction of Nature.

But fortunately, in this fog of toxic fumes, the electric bike appears as the perfect solution to find healthy air and a healthier planet!

Indeed, the Electric Bike works from greener energy, which is electricity.

Unlike other modes of transport, the electric bike motor works without emitting any harmful smoke.

The quality of the air is thus preserved, which makes the electric bike the best means of locomotion to fight against pollution.

electric bikes environmentally friendly

The electric bike helps reduce road traffic and reduces noise pollution

In urban areas, traffic jams are one of the main causes of air pollution.
Moreover, peaks are reached every day at peak times and the air becomes almost unbreathable.

Indeed, the greenhouse gas (or GHG for short) emission is 16 times greater during a traffic jam compared to a more fluid circulation. Having to start, brake and stay in 1st and second gear all along the way doubles fuel consumption. Unavoidable manoeuvres create a lot of pollution.

When it is decided to adopt the electric bike as a means of locomotion, traffic jams are significantly reduced. Roads intended exclusively for cycles allow Electric Bikes pilots to skip the crowded carriageways of vehicles.

Electric Bikes requires little maintenance for roads

Road maintenance has become more than essential in large cities. Indeed, construction sites are multiplying to refurbish pavements that are damaged by the traffic of cars and trucks.

In addition, to emit CO2 to carry out the work, the coatings that are applied such as asphalt diffuse heat and require the use of toxic products for the environment.

These infrastructures therefore obviously have harmful consequences since they require the consumption of natural resources and they generate emissions into the air.

Conversely, Electric Bikes have very little impact on the life of roads. Because they are lighter and more mobile, they damage traffic lanes less. Moreover, bike paths do not require special maintenance and it is rare to need to renovate them. Thus, the adoption of our electric bikes significantly reduces the frequency of this type of work, which also makes it possible to effectively preserve the environment definitely electric bikes are environmentally friendly.


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