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Customer Review
James Fowler
Sunderland UK

I bought this bike for its characteristics, (excellent) a bit sceptical at first. Upon the arrival of the courier, I would like to specify very very punctually both as day and as time above all, I was impatient to discover this wonder.
Once I extracted the ebike from the box, arrived perfectly without dents of any kind, I extracted it….. here the wonder is just a beast just as I hoped, black with a matte effect with the finishes shown in the photo. Really really BEAUTIFUL

Customer Review
Tom Marsden
Manchester UK

The bicycle is made of excellent materials.
The battery guarantees great autonomy, if used sparingly (i.e. pedalling seriously and getting help only when necessary… uphill) you can even do 80 miles
One year later and having travelled 1200 miles, as a non-pedal assisted bike expert, I can say that I am satisfied with the purchase.

Electric bike reviews
Filippo Marchi
Turin Italy

I would say perfect quality/price ratio, the only defect found is a bit heavy but for an electric bike, it is normal.
I really appreciated the technology applied that allows you to quickly recharge the battery downhill, you notice it especially when you use it for a prolonged climb that loses a discharge indicator led on 5, then when you go down it recharges and the fifth led reappears. full charge.
Another positive detail, having the brushless electric motor located on the rear wheel hub, does not need to pedal constantly on the plain but a small movement of the pedal is enough to activate the electric assistance.

Top rated review
Francois De Laval
Montigny-sur-Avre France

Very impressed. Have had this for a while now and it reaches a good speed. Feels funny but great not to pedal! What I like a lot is that you don’t need to charge it much at all if you use it periodically because the charge is based on the mileage the bike does. It’s comfortable too. Takes a little time to get used to the acceleration via the handle but it’s a bit like riding a bike really in that once you have it mastered (a few goes in this case) then you’re good to go! Good brakes. Best to use it on the pavement though with not too many people around from my experience and if you’ve got a park nearby then that’s ideal. My wife and daughter love it!
Great value.

Top Rated in Electric Bikes
Valerie Michel
Marseille France

The delivery took place in a couple of days, with a bulky box as the bike is practically already assembled. I transported it to the garage with the help of a very kind courier to immediately carry out the assembly. I just had to screw in the pedals, raise the handlebar, lock it with its quick coupling and inflate the tires with the supplied bicycle pump (hidden in the saddle tube!).
The saddle is well cushioned and sufficiently attenuates small holes and unevenness. The lights have good light output. The bike folds up quite easily, including the pedals.
Excellent purchase, I am very satisfied

Best Electric Bike Review
Sabina B
Malaga Spain

This is a super cool bike! Much taller, faster and more robust than I imagined for the price. Attention is very fast! It is probably not suitable for a short person, and definitely not a child. It has a lot of features I haven’t seen from higher-priced name brands, the phone holder (with USB charger). I am a tall, heavy man and the bike takes me up steep hills with relative ease using the accelerator. It is quite large and heavy, although it is foldable it is difficult to pull it up on stairs, although for my uses it is fine. In all cases, it is really great!

Customer Reviews
Dave Macok
Šiauliai Lithuania