ELEGLIDE Electric City Bikes

Eleglide was established with the goal of producing high-quality, eco-friendly products that are also inexpensive and available to everyone. No matter who you are or where you live, Eleglide goods will always fit you nicely. By buying Eleglide’s products, you not only receive the best value for your money but also help the environment.

You can commute and go on trips without a car if you use Eleglide. You can be taken to the locations of your choice by Eleglide. UK Store Free Shipping in 2 days.


We offer a 14-day, no-hassle returns policy, because we believe the only way for you to really know if our bikes are right for you, is to ride them. 


We guarantee each bicycle frame and original components against defects for one year from the day of delivery of your bike.


GPS ST3IKE Tracker is installed into the bike, and not attached on the outside, so it is invisible to thieves! Free App forever!



Our customer service is at your disposal to find an answer to a question you might have by email, WhatsApp and ticket system


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