ELEGLIDE M1 Plus 27.5″/29” E Mountain Bike Commute E-bike with 12.5Ah Removable Battery


Eleglide M1 PLUS Electric Bicycle for Adults

ELEGLIDE M1 Plus 27.5″/29” E Mountain Bike Commute E-bike with 12.5Ah Larger Removable Battery – up to 62 miles in Assist Mode – Free and Fast Shipping from the UK

A low-cost 27-kg electric bike with a front and rear disc braking system, a high-step aluminium frame, a replaceable, mid-range 450Wh battery, and a 21-speed derailleur chain transmission drive.

Power, speed, and durability are all combined in the high-performance ELEGLIDE M1 PLUS Electric Bike. Its 36V 12.5Ah lithium-ion battery, which has a maximum range of 100 km – 62 miles on a single charge, makes it an excellent option for leisure rides or lengthy commutes.

This e-bike has a 250W brushless motor that can propel it to a top speed of 15.5 mph – 25 km/h, making riding it effortless and smooth. It is suited for both city cruising and off-road experiences thanks to the Shimano 21-speed gear system, which also makes it easy to change the bike’s pace and tackle different terrains.

Dual-disc brakes on the ELEGLIDE M1 PLUS Electric Bike provide superior stopping power and guarantee safety when riding at high speeds. Additionally, the bike boasts a comfy foam saddle that makes riding comfortable—even on uneven surfaces.

The MTB bike design delivers a sleek and fashionable appearance, while the CST tyres offer exceptional grip and stability on a variety of terrains. For individuals who wish to experience the advantages of an electric bike along with the extra ease of a conventional cycle, this e-bike is ideal. This e-bike, which has a peak range of up to 62 miles, is a dependable and useful mode of transportation for both recreational and everyday users.

Cosy and Trustworthy

Bike mode, electric-assist mode, and full electric mode are the three modes available for the Eleglide M1 Plus. Incredibly effective motor with a 21-speed Shimano gearbox that has three speeds plus seven speeds. gear changes that are quick, simple, and dependable provide for a smoother, lighter ride. Utilising the five-speed levels (1–5) allows you to adjust to the surroundings and terrain making each acceleration a special adventure.

Superior Aluminium Alloy with Increased Corrosion Resistance

The Eleglide electric bike is constructed of premium aluminium alloy, making it lighter and more corrosion-resistant than other bikes with carbon steel frames. Use in the UK, where there are plenty of rainy days, is more appropriate.

Strong E-mountain Bike

The Eleglide M1 Plus comes with a detachable, long-lasting 36V 12.5Ah battery. You can ride farther and longer because of its BMS (battery management system) and lithium technology, which also makes it safer and more durable. It is lighter. In electric assist mode, you can go up to 100 km (62 miles) on a full charge.

Eleglide Electric Bike, M1 Plus

Shock Absorbing, Non-slip, and Secure

The twin disc brake system is used in the Eleglide e-bike (also known as an urban mountain bike). The front suspension with lock function absorbs shocks and provides gentle dampening when riding over uneven terrain. It also has brilliant adaptive LED lights that may be utilised for night riding, wear-resistant 27.5” x 2.1” / 29” x 2.1” non-slip tyres, and adjustable seats.

Eleglide Electric Bike M1 Plus Electric Bicycle for Adults

Intelligent Display & Application Management

The sophisticated LCD display on the Eleglide M1 Plus informs you of all the pertinent information, like the current speed, travel distance, and battery life. Right from the display, you may change the degree of assistance, set a screen timeout, turn on walk mode, and more. You may make your journey easier and wiser by activating additional features through the Smart App, such as locking the bike, creating a password, and modifying the screen timeout.

Eleglide Electric Bike M1 Plus Electric Bicycle for Adults


Excellent Option for Travel and Adventure

85% of the Eleglide e-bike is pre-assembled. Please email us with any queries you may have about repairs, spare parts, assembly assistance, etc. The Eleglide M1 Plus MTB is the ideal option for anybody searching for a high-performance electric bike for extended travels and outdoor activities!

To put it briefly, the Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike is an excellent product offered at a very competitive price. It’s the ideal option for anybody searching for a reasonably priced electric bike that can handle a range of terrains—ideal for riding in the UK!

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Electric Mountain Bike M1 Plus
Electric Mountain Bike M1 Plus
Electric Mountain Bike M1 Plus
Electric Mountain Bike M1 Plus
Electric Mountain Bike Eleglide M1 Plus
Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike 250W
Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike 250W
Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike 250W
Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Mountain Bike 250W


General Brand: ELEGLIDE
Type: Electric MTB
Model: M1 Plus
Colour: Black
Specification Material: Aluminum Alloy Manual Smooth Welding Frame
Size of Frame:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 27.5″ x 18″
Wheel Size L (29″): 29″ x 19″
Suspension: Hydraulic Damping with Lockout
Motor: 250W Rated Voltage 36V; Instant Max Power 500W; Max Output torque 45Nm; Max Rpm 210
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h – 15.5 mph
Maximum Slope: 15°
Battery: 12.5Ah, 36V, 450Wh, with Battery Protection System
Max Range: 50 km (Electric mode); 100 km (Assist mode)
Charger Output: 42V 2A DC
Charging Time: About 7 hours
Tyre: CST Pneumatic Rubber
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 27.5″ x 2.1″
Wheel Size L (29″): 29″ x 2.1″
Best Tyre Pressure: Front 45 PSI; Rear 65 PSI
Derailleur: Shimano Gear 21 speeds (Front 3 x Rear 7)
Maximum Load:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 100 kg – 220 lbs
Wheel Size L (29″): 120 kg – 264 lbs
Recommended Rider Heights:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 165-195 cm (5.41ft-6.4ft)
Wheel Size L (29″): 165-200 cm (5.41ft-6.56ft)
Waterproof rate: IPX4
Brake System: Dual Disc Brakes & Auto Power-off Design, 160mm (O.D.)
Brake Distance: About 5 meters
Chain plate: 42T 34T 24T
Light: LED, 1.65W, 20° Beam Angle, 0.5 m2 Irradiated Area
Mudguards: NO (Can be purchased as accessory)
Throttle: YES (Please conform with local regulations before installing the throttle control)
Weight & Size Bike Weight:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 21.7 kg – 47.8 lbs
Wheel Size L (29″): 22.8 kg – 50.2 lbs

Gross Weight
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 27 kg – 59.5 lbs
Wheel Size L (29″): 29.8 kg – 65.6 lbs

Bike Size
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 1790 x 680 x 1041 mm
Wheel Size L (29″): 1810 x 700 x 1080 mm

Package Size
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 1480 x 240 x 770 mm
Wheel Size L (29″): 1480 x 230 x 790 mm

Length of Handlebar
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 680 mm (26.8″)
Wheel Size L (29″): 700 mm (27.6″)

Height of Saddle
(from the ground):
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 850-1050 mm (33.5″-41.5″)
Wheel Size L (29″): 870-1050 mm (34.3″-41.5″)
Package Contents 1 x M1 Plus Bike
1 x Throttle Control
2 x Pedal (Right & Left)
1 x Rear Shifter Protector
2 x Spoke Reflector
1 x Rear Reflector
1 x Charger
1 x Toolkit
2 x Keys
1 x User Manual



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