Benefits of Buying an Electric Bike Online vs In-Store

Why Choose Our E-Bike Shop for Your Electric Bike Purchase

Last Updated on 7 November 2023 by Stefano

At ST3IKE, we are dedicated to providing the best electric bike experience, ensuring that our customers find the perfect ride that matches their needs. Here’s why buying an electric bike from us is a smart choice:

1. Expert Knowledge in Electric Bikes

We have a solid foundation in the electric bike trend. With extensive experience in selling electric bikes, we take pride in our non-elitist approach. Our goal is to encourage more people to embrace cycling. Our expertise, relationships with suppliers, and understanding of the right questions to ask enable us to guide you in selecting the ideal electric bike. Whether discussing Watts, and Torque or comparing different motor units, rest assured, you’ll be conversing with someone well-versed in electric bike technology.

2. Top-Quality Electric Bike Selection

Engwe, one of our flagship brands, stands as a testament to our commitment to stocking the finest electric bikes. After rigorous testing from numerous companies, we are confident that our current electric bike range excels in reliability, power, technical support, value for money, and, importantly, the undeniable “grin factor.”

3. Unlock Savings up to 45% with Cycle to Work Vouchers

We proudly accept Cycle to Work vouchers, offering you substantial savings on your purchase. At ST3IKE, our displayed prices are transparent and all-inclusive. When using a voucher, there’s no need to worry about added fees or hidden expenses. The price you see is the final cost, encompassing everything—including shipping right to your doorstep.

4. Avoid Additional Dealer Fees

Purchasing your bike online means bypassing additional dealer fees, and ensuring the best product quality at the most competitive price. Hidden charges inflate costs, which discerning buyers can easily avoid by conducting thorough research and comparing prices.

5. Free Shipping for Added Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of free shipping with your e-bike delivery right to your doorstep. Furthermore, many manufacturers also offer hassle-free return shipping in case of any issues with the bike.

6. Enhanced Online Shopping Experience

With improved customer support and available online chats, our virtual shopping experience mirrors in-store assistance. From selecting the right model to after-sales support and warranty services, our team is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive guidance throughout the online buying process.

7. Efficient One-Stop Shopping

Save time and effort with a streamlined one-stop shopping experience online. While in-store shopping involves visiting multiple locations, online shopping centralizes your purchase process, making it quicker and more cost-effective.


Shopping for an e-bike is a personal choice, and we respect the preferences of each individual. However, the vast wealth of information available online enables informed decision-making. At ST3IKE, a London-based electric bike shop,  our commitment to top-quality products, expert guidance, and a seamless shopping experience stands as a testament to our dedication to your cycling journey.


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