ELEGLIDE M2 27.5″/29″ Electric Mountain Bike Hydraulic Brake New 2024


Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike

ELEGLIDE M2 27.5″/29″ Electric Mountain Bike – 36V 15Ah Removable Battery -Hydraulic Disk Brake – Shimano 24 Speed | New Model 2024 Free and Fast Shipping in the UK

The Eleglide M2 E-Bike, released in 2024, is the pinnacle of performance and innovation for both leisurely exploration and urban commutes. With its remarkable feature set, the M2, an e-bike that combines cutting-edge technology and exquisite engineering, raises the bar for e-bikes.

A robust 250W brushless rear motor, expertly integrated to provide smooth and effective performance, is the core of the Eleglide M2. Experience unmatched independence as you ride with confidence, knowing that your motor-assisted range of up to 77 miles is paired with a detachable 36V 15Ah lithium-ion battery. The M2 delivers riders at peak speeds of up to 15.5 mph, guaranteeing an exhilarating and uncomplicated ride every time, whether they are traversing difficult terrain or cruising through city streets.

With its hydraulic brakes, front fork suspension, and selection of 27.5- or 29-inch wheels, the Eleglide M2 provides unmatched comfort, control, and stability. Navigate any terrain with ease, whether you’re off-roading or travelling through metropolitan areas. The Shimano 24-speed gearbox adds even more adaptability, enabling riders to easily adjust to changing riding circumstances.

With the M2’s smart lock/unlock feature for extra security and peace of mind, enjoy smooth connectivity and convenience. You can easily keep an eye on performance measures, adjust settings to your liking, and monitor and control your journey.

Riders can instantaneously access vital riding information, such as speed, distance gone, battery level, and more, thanks to the user-friendly LCD display panel. Maintain constant awareness and control to improve your riding experience with unparalleled ease and clarity.

The Eleglide M2 E-Bike is the pinnacle of urban commuting and exploration, combining innovation and performance. Upgrade your commute with this bike. With the Eleglide M2, ride with assurance, ride stylishly, and embrace e-mobility’s future.

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Eleglide M2 electric moped bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike
Eleglide M2 electric moped bike e-bike


General Brand: ELEGLIDE
Type: Electric MTB
Model: M2
Colour: Black
Specification Material: Aluminium Alloy (AL6061)
Size of Frame:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 27.5″ x 18″
Wheel Size L (29″): 29″ x 19″
Suspension: Hydraulic Damping with Lockout
Motor: 250W Rated Voltage 36V; Instant Max Power 570W; Max Output torque 55Nm; Max Rpm 230-250
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h – 15.5 mph (Can be adjusted to
32 km/h – 20 mph)
Maximum Slope: 15°
Battery: 15Ah, 36V, 540Wh, with Battery Protection System
Max Range: 125 km (Assist mode)
Charger Output: 42V 2A DC
Charging Time: About 10 hours
Tyre: Kenda Pneumatic Rubber
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 27.5″ x 2.4″
Wheel Size L (29″): 29″ x 2.4″
Best Tyre Pressure: Front 50 PSI; Rear 55 PSI
Derailleur: Shimano Gear 24 speeds (Front 3 x Rear 8)
Maximum Load: 120 kg – 264 lbs
Recommended Rider Heights:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 160-195 cm (5.31ft-6.4ft)
Wheel Size L (29″): 170-200 cm (5.41ft-6.76ft)
Waterproof rate: IPX4
Brake System: Hydraulic Disc Brakes & Power-off Design
Light: LED, 1.65W, 20° Beam Angle, 0.5 m2 Irradiated Area
Mudguards: NO (Can be purchased as accessory)
Throttle: YES (Please conform with local regulations before installing the throttle control)
Display: LCD
App Name: Eleglide System Support: iOS (11.0+), Android (5.0+)
App Functions: Turning light on/off, shifting assist levels, locking/unlocking the bike, setting a password, adjusting screen brightness, etc.
Weight & Size Bike Weight:
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 22 kg – 48.5 lbs
Wheel Size L (29″): 23 kg – 50.7 lbs

Gross Weight
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 27.5 kg – 60.6 lbs
Wheel Size L (29″): 31 kg – 68.3 lbs

Bike Size
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 1800 x 680 x 1060 mm
Wheel Size L (29″): 1865 x 680 x 1070 mm

Package Size
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 1480 x 240 x 770 mm
Wheel Size L (29″): 1500 x 230 x 790 mm

Length of Handlebar
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 680 mm (26.8″)
Wheel Size L (29″): 700 mm (27.6″)

Height of Saddle
(from the ground):
Wheel Size M (27.5″): 871-1059 mm (34.3″-41.7″)
Wheel Size L (29″): 899-1089 mm (35.4″-42.9″)
Package Contents 1 x M2 ebike
1 x Throttle Control
2 x Pedal (Right & Left)
1 x Rear Shifter Protector
2 x Spoke Reflector
1 x Rear Reflector
1 x Charger
1 x Toolkit
2 x Keys
1 x User Manual



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