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Which Chinese Electric Bike should I buy?

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Is buying a Chinese electric bike a good choice?

The market for pedal-assisted bicycles is still flourishing in our nation. Not only does this electric vehicle for micromobility appeal to a wide range of users, but it also makes a viable substitute for more costly and environmentally harmful forms of transportation like the classic bicycle.

In actuality, there are a lot of benefits to riding an e-bike, such as the ability to ride and therefore take care of your physical health.

A significant portion of both amateur and professional bike riders are satisfied by the wide range of manufacturers offering their models on the market today.

Indeed, even the most sceptical people have come to appreciate the electric bicycle over time, even though its ability to assist with pedalling did not initially win over many cycling enthusiasts. This is because the electric motor’s assistance only supplements the physical exercise that comes with riding a traditional bike.

Many of the major and well-known firms in the e-bike industry are found in the Chinese market, which accounts for a sizable share of the overall market. It is important to remember that China has a significant domestic bicycle market, making the transition to engine-assisted bikes a logical and immediate progression.

Global customers’ universal agreement that Chinese-made electric bicycles offer an exceptional quality-price ratio—which is typically cheaper than that of other brands—is the primary factor influencing this consensus.

Together, let’s examine the key characteristics of Chinese electric bicycles.


The features of electric bikes made in China

Above all, Chinese pedal-assisted bikes are a great buy when you take into account their performance and technical features as well as their relatively lower price compared to other brands. This is what makes them the preferred option for many customers.

Although consumers’ decisions are undoubtedly influenced by the low cost of Chinese electric bicycles, this would not account for the product’s popularity on its own if it were of poor quality.

It is important to note that although Chinese electric bicycles made by the top companies are not inferior at all, some people view them as such because of their relatively low price. Not only are they economically convenient, but their technical attributes provide exceptional performance and enable you to own a dependable car that is frequently furnished with unique technological features.

Like many other non-Chinese companies, the top Chinese electric bicycle firms recommend the motor, battery, gearbox, and on-board computer as components of exceptional quality and guarantee outstanding efficiency.

All things considered, then, the Chinese electric bicycle market is unquestionably the most alluring, even though it is extremely large and has a wide range of prices and features. This is primarily because the Chinese market is characterised by models that, for the most part, strike the ideal balance between quality and price, enabling you to purchase excellent electric bicycles at a reasonable cost.

Pick from the top electric bikes made in China.

As with any pedal-assisted bicycle, made in China, Europe, or anywhere else, it is crucial to assess the quality of the component parts, starting with the motor (paying particular attention to its power and position, which impact the vehicle’s balance) and battery (capacity, number of charging cycles, degree of autonomy it permits, and ease of removal).

Therefore, it’s important to remember that China is one of the biggest manufacturers of parts for electric bicycles sold outside. Consider Bafang, one of the world’s top brands for engine manufacture.

When buying a good Chinese electric bike, you should also take into account its technical features. These include the presence of high-quality parts like the gearbox and cycle computer, as well as all the little details and accessories that make the bike practical, comfortable, and easy to handle.

The ability to fold the bike is one of these final features that are truly excellent for some users, especially those who need to transport it in the car trunk, cram it even into small spaces to take up as little space as possible, or carry it with you to lower the risk of theft.

This means that a lot of the electric bicycles that Chinese producers sell can satisfy customers’ needs—especially if they commute—because a lot of the models come with a folding frame.

The myth that Chinese electric bikes are unreliable or poorly tested must also be debunked. The top brands are put through extensive testing and inspections, just like those made by other non-Chinese manufacturers.

Some of the top Chinese manufacturers of electric bicycles

Pedal-assisted bicycle manufacturers include some of the most well-known names in the world, renowned for their dependability and high-quality models, among the brands we wish to highlight.

ENGWE is one of the most well-known companies and a favourite among consumers. It also gives careful consideration to the design of its electric bicycles, which come in a variety of genuinely inventive types.

The well-known and reputable Lankeleisi brand is also one of the top Chinese electric bicycle companies. It provides incredibly adaptable versions that are great for urban usage but can also effectively tackle even more difficult routes for travel and leisure time. beyond the city.

Randride is another Chinese firm that is quite active, particularly in the e-mountain bike market.

The electric bicycles with the ADO, Gunai, Gogobest and Samebike brands are also noteworthy.

HIMO, makes highly manoeuvrable electric bikes with useful features.

We also suggest that anybody searching for decent fat e-bikes at reasonable prices check out iEZway‘s manufacturer.

Regarding affordability, Hitway‘s products are also quite practical.

We also include outstanding companies like DYU, Bezior, and Eleglide the latter of which is gaining a lot of notoriety for being the inventor of the world’s first 26″ fat electric bicycle.

1. ENGWE Engine X 250W Electric Bike (Best Chinese FAT Electric Bike)

ENGWE Engine X EU Version 250W 15.5mph

An e-fat bike proposed by the well-known ENGWE brand, suitable for urban travel but also for spending free time outside the city, equipped with a 7-speed transmission, removable 48V – 13Ah battery and 20″ fat tyres.

Well cushioned and with great climbing capacity, it is foldable and compact, so it can be moved easily and loaded into the trunk of the car without problems.

It has 3 different driving modes:

traditional bike,
pedal-assisted bike
pure electric

It has excellent autonomy which can reach up to 130 km on a single charge.

Why we found it enjoyable

An intriguing Chinese-made e-bike due to its unique and contemporary style as well as its technological features.

It has 20″ x 4″ non-slip, wear-resistant fat tyres that are highly cushioned and absorb shocks, making it appropriate for going on more complicated routes and uneven terrain in addition to city transport.

It is lightweight, portable, adjustable in height, and has a collapsible frame that makes it easy to carry into the vehicle boot and store in tight locations. It is also pleasant to use in any situation. Not even the hardest hills are an issue for this bike. We would like to draw attention to the fact that it is an electric “pedelec” which means that in addition to assistance pedalling, it allows for pure electric driving. 

Reaching up to 130 kilometres, the 48 V – 13Ah detachable battery provides very remarkable mobility.



2. GUNAI GN29 – 750W (Best Chinese Commuter Electric Bike)

GUNAI GN29 Electric Bike 750W City Bike 48V 15Ah


Here is an excellent electric bike of Chinese production from one of the most widespread and appreciated brands, GUNAI, with a very versatile use, given that in addition to being suitable for urban use, it can also be used for free time and which provides 3 modes of Work:

traditional bicycle,
pedal-assisted bicycle
pure electric bicycle

With 21 speeds, a suspension fork and 29″ wheels, it is the ideal electric bicycle for travelling around the city but also for use for free time.

Because we liked it

The GUNAI GN29 is a very interesting Chinese electric bicycle model, as it is versatile and of excellent workmanship.

To all intents and purposes, it is an electric road bike, which can therefore be used on any type of surface and road condition, not just on asphalt.

It has 3 working modes: pure electric mode, pedal-assisted mode and classic pedalling. For this reason, we think it is good to remember that, according to the regulations in force in our country, if it is not limited, its use in pure electric mode makes it equivalent to a moped.

Equipped with a removable battery with a key, it has good 29″ tires and is equipped with a 21-speed Shimano gearbox.

Its qualities regarding safety and the powerful 750W motor capable of overcoming notable slopes effortlessly are also excellent.

Its value for money is unbeatable!


3. RANDRIDE YA20 Folding City Ebike (Best Chinese 20″ Folding Electric Bike)

DAYLYRIDE YA20 Folding City Commuters Ebike

Here is a practical and light Chinese-made electric bike, with which you can easily move around the city and also on public transport.

With a modern and essential design, the Randride YA20 has 7-speed Shimano transmission and 3 riding modes:

electric mode,
pedal assisted mode
pedal mode

Its foldable frame makes it very practical to transport and store.

Because we liked it

An electric city bike made in China that has excellent features, an essential design and is very practical. Lightweight (weighs less than 22 kg) and foldable, it can be easily loaded into the trunk of the car, on public transport or stored in small spaces, at home or in the office.

Its battery is integrated into the frame and is removable, so you can recharge wherever you want.

It is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano gearbox and has excellent autonomy, sufficient for your daily commute.


4. Lankeleisi MG740 Plus – Dual-Motor (Best Chinese MTB Electric Bike)

LANKELEISI MG740 PLUS Electric Mountain Bike

The MG740 26″ fat tyre is an excellent Chinese-made electric MTB produced by the well-known Lankeleisi brand, with a double motor for a total of 2000W and a long autonomy of up to 120 km on a single charge.

Equipped with a suspension fork, it has excellent shock absorption and is equipped with an excellent Shimano gearbox.

A light, easy-to-handle bike with an excellent, original and modern design.

Because we liked it

An electric mountain bike that has excellent requirements, starting from its extreme power with a double motor, one per axis, capable of generating monstrous torque and overcoming slopes of up to 40°.

It offers a long autonomy, which can reach up to 120 km on a single charge, and is very well cushioned, to make driving comfortable and stable on any type of terrain, even the most uneven.

An excellent choice both from an aesthetic and practical point of view, given its versatility which allows it to be used not only to move easily and in an ecological way in the city but also to travel on more demanding roads and uneven terrain.


5. DYU A1F 16 Inch Full Folding (Best Chinese Small Electric Bike)

A1F 16-inch Full Folding Electric City Bike

The DYU A1F is a practical and original model of a Chinese-made electric bicycle suitable for city use. Its very small dimensions make it particularly easy to handle and convenient to transport and store, thanks also to the possibility of being able to fold it up and take up even less space.

Thanks to the support of the “Dyu” mobile App downloadable from the App Store, Google Play or with a QR code in the manual, it is possible to optimize its use also via Bluetooth with your smartphone. Very well equipped, it also has excellent cushioning.

Because we liked it

A little gem of Chinese production with extremely compact dimensions, with 16″ wheels, foldable, manageable from a smartphone, equipped with everything needed for agile and fast driving on city streets.

Nothing is missing from this small folding electric bike, which despite its small size has an excellent load capacity of up to 120 kg, a 5.2Ah battery which allows a range of up to approximately 45 km and fast charging in just 2-4 hours.

Its transport is facilitated both by its lightness and size and by its ergonomic design. To make it take up even less space, the handlebars can be folded and the saddle removed.

The 250W motor allows a good degree of climbing up to a slope of 15° and is also equipped with cruise control, to have a constant speed and facilitate driving without getting tired. In addition to being a traditional bike, it can be ridden as a pedal-assisted bicycle and as a pure electric bike.




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