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DAYLYRIDE Gray Fox YA20 Folding Ebike 500W 48V Removable Battery


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DAYLYRIDE YA20 Folding City Commuters Ebike

DAYLYRIDE Gray Fox YA20 Folding Ebike 20 inch Wheels 500W 48V Removable 15Ah Lithium Battery | UK Stock 3-5 Days Free Shipping *

Have you not begun using an electric bike for financial reasons? Check this out! A wise option would be DAYLYRIDE Grey Fox. Folding electric bikes 500w are the ideal commuting options since they are compact enough to fit on trains or under tables and provide an extra burst of power to get you to your destination feeling rested and prepared for work. Here, DAYLYRIDE Grey Fox has struck a perfect equilibrium, and the cost is also extremely reasonable. Despite its little size, it offers a smooth and pleasant ride due to its sturdy construction and shock absorber, which can smooth out any minor humps on your path.

The motor features 5 degrees of power assistance as opposed to the typical 3, giving you considerable control and throttle control to enable you to escape junctions and crossroads fast.

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daylyride gray fox 500W foldable ebike

The DAYLYRIDE Grey Fox collapses quickly after use and is ready for storage in the included case. By far the finest e-bike for commuters on a tight budget.
Your urge to ride everywhere may be satisfied with a folding ebike.
The foldable e-bike has excellent usability. The portable ebike is incredibly compact and fits entirely within a car’s trunk. A design like this enables you to transport the ebike anywhere in the world.

DAYLYRIDE YA20 Foldable ebike 500W 20" Wheels

Removable DC48V 15AH Lithium Battery

A 48V 15AH Samsung/LG lithium battery is included to guarantee a long lifespan and exceptional performance. On pedal-assist mode, the single range can reach up to 60+ miles (97+ km) per charge, and on pure electric power mode, it can reach up to 45+ miles (72+ km) on each charge. After 1000 charges, the battery will still hold 80% of its original capacity.

Daylyride Gray Fox Foldable ebike 500W

500W Brushless Motor

With a 500W and 80Nm of torque brushless geared hub motor, you can effortlessly navigate rocky terrain and steep slopes at speeds of up to 22 mph (35 kph). Different speed limitations may be set for all DAYLYRIDE e-bikes. Lower speeds can be changed to adhere to the e-bike riding regulations.

Daylyride YA20 500W ebike foldable 15Ah Battery

Filel Disc Brake

It benefits from rapid heat dissipation, small weight, quick braking, and simple adjustability. Under heavy loads, the brake can survive high temperatures, maintain a consistent braking performance, and resist being readily influenced by the environment. E-bikes can be stopped more easily in cold weather and difficult driving conditions thanks to disc brakes.

Daylyride Gray Fox Folding Electric Bike Disc Brakes

Front Fork Suspension

The 100mm front suspension fork made of aluminium alloy has a lockout, preload adjustment, and 100mm of travel. When riding on difficult roads, it efficiently lessens the sense of bumps because of its excellent dampening effect.

Daylyride Foldable Ebike With Removable Lithium Battery

Daylyride YA20 Folding ebike city commuters
Daylyride YA20 Folding ebike city commuters Aluminum frame
Daylyride YA20 Folding ebike city commuters Free Gifts
Daylyride YA20 Folding ebike Product Sizes


Model: YA20 Gray Fox
Colour: Red Black
Top speed: 35km/h – 22 mph (Lower speeds can be adjusted to comply with your local e-bike riding policy)
Maximum load: 396 lbs / 180 kg
Max Grade: 35°
Waterproof rating: IP65 (waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Voltage: 48V
Motor power: 48V 500W Rear Hub Brushless Motor 70Nm torque
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Charger: 48V DC 2A smart charge
Sensor: Torque sensor
Controller: Small intelligent controller
Throttle: Half-twist throttle
Travel Distance: (Range): 45-60 + miles (72-97 + km)
Tyres: 20″ x 1.95″ CST all-terrain tyre
Rim: 20inch magnesium alloy
Battery capacity: 48V 15Ah 18650 lithium-ion removable battery (Samsung/LG)
Display: LCD display fullscreen
Display Contents: Speed, Mileage, Gear, Errors
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Suspension System: Hardtail. Front Fork: spring suspension front fork with open and lock
Chain: KMC chain
Gearing:  Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK
Seat: SR saddle
Brake Type: 160mm Shimano mechanical brake dual disc
Recommended Rider Heights: 4’8″ ~ 6’3″ (142 -191 cm)
Fenders: Yes
Front Light:  48V LED light
Weight: 53 lbs – 24 kg
Package size:  53.1 × 10.6 × 25.9 in – 135 × 27 × 66 cm

In the box

1 × eBike
1 × Battery charger
1 × Installation Tools
1 × User Manual
2 × Fenders
1 × Helmet
1 × Tail lamp
1 × Riding Bags
1 × Sunglasses


Please be aware that this ebike model is only legal for use on private roads with the owner’s consent.

* or from EU stock 5-10 days delivery



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