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Electric bike foldable have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years. The pandemic has driven more people towards electric bikes as a means of transportation due to their cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.

According to a survey conducted by Halfords in 2021, there has been a 92% increase in the sale of electric bikes in the UK since the pandemic began. Moreover, the market for folding electric bikes has grown exponentially as people are increasingly looking for lightweight, portable options that can be easily stored in their homes or offices.

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In addition, the UK government has been offering a range of incentives such as tax benefits and subsidies for individuals to switch to electric bikes, which has also helped boost their popularity. Overall, it can be said that electric bike foldable are becoming increasingly popular in the UK as people are looking for sustainable and cost-effective modes of transportation.

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As of my knowledge cutoff date of 2021, the exact popularity of electric bike foldable in the UK is unknown, but there has been a significant increase in sales of e-bikes overall. According to a report by the Bicycle Association of Great Britain, e-bike sales in the UK increased by 50% in 2019, with a total of 70,000 e-bikes sold. Foldable electric bikes are also becoming more common in rental schemes, such as the Santander Cycles scheme in London, which introduced electric bikes in 2020.

Is better a small or large size wheel?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the ideal wheel size for a foldable electric bike, as it can depend on a variety of factors such as the rider’s preferences and intended usage of the bike. However, generally speaking, foldable electric bikes tend to have smaller wheels (16-20 inches) compared to regular electric bikes, as the smaller wheels make the bike more compact and easier to fold and carry.

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Smaller wheels can also provide greater manoeuvrability, which can be particularly useful for navigating through busy city streets or in tight spaces. However, larger wheels (24-26 inches) can provide a smoother ride and better stability at higher speeds, which may be more suitable for longer rides or off-road terrain.
BK5 Plus electric bike city foldable orangeUltimately, the ideal wheel size for a foldable electric bike will depend on the individual rider’s needs and preferences, as well as the specific design and features of the bike itself. It’s recommended to test ride different models with different wheel sizes to determine which size feels most comfortable and suitable for your needs.

A 20-inch Tyre Wheel is the Right Compromise

20-inch wheels are a common size for foldable electric bikes, and they offer a good balance between compactness and ride comfort.

Smaller wheels can make the bike more compact and easier to store or transport, which is an important feature of a foldable bike. Additionally, 20-inch wheels can provide good manoeuvrability, making the bike easy to handle in tight spaces or crowded areas.

At the same time, 20-inch wheels are large enough to provide a comfortable ride, absorb bumps and offer decent stability at moderate speeds. So, if you have tested and found that the 20-inch wheel foldable electric bike meets your needs and feels comfortable for your riding style, then it may be a great choice for you.

How can I protect my foldable ebike from theft?

Unfortunately, bike theft is a common issue in many cities, including London. However, there are several steps you can take to help protect your foldable electric bike from theft:

  1. Invest in a quality lock: A strong and sturdy lock is the first line of defence against theft. Look for a reputable brand of lock and choose a design that is appropriate for your foldable electric bike. Consider using two locks to make it more difficult for thieves to cut or break through them.

  2. Use designated bike parking areas: Always lock your bike in a designated bike parking area, ideally one that is well-lit and in a busy public area. Avoid locking your bike to anything that can be easily cut or removed, such as a wooden fence or a flimsy pole.

  3. Consider adding additional security features: There are several additional security features you can add to your foldable electric bike to make it more difficult to steal, such as a GPS tracker or an alarm system. These can help deter thieves and make it easier to recover your bike if it is stolen.

  4. Register your bike: Consider registering your foldable electric bike with a national bike registration scheme, such as BikeRegister or Immobilise. This can help increase the chances of recovery if your bike is stolen.

  5. Take your battery with you: If possible, take your battery with you when you leave your bike unattended. This can make the bike less appealing to thieves and also make it more difficult for them to ride away on it.

Overall, the key to protecting your foldable electric bike from theft is to be vigilant and take appropriate precautions. By investing in a quality lock, using designated bike parking areas, and considering additional security features, you can significantly reduce the risk of your bike being stolen.


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