Ride an ebike in london

Except for the UK, the major markets in Europe saw a boom in e-bike sales

Last Updated on 20 May 2023 by Stefano

E-bike sales volumes climbed by double digits in numerous European nations in 2022, according to sales figures.

According to research by Bike Europe, bike sales in the major markets of Europe were down from 2021, but e-bike sales are still booming, with the UK appearing to be the exception.

The demand for mechanical bicycles was replaced by that for e-bikes last year, according to 2022 sales figures provided by national European industry bodies.

Ride an ebike in london

Additionally, according to data, market growth is expected to be higher in several European markets in 2022 than it was in 2021. Sales of e-bikes climbed last year by 10% in Germany, 11% in Austria, and 14% in Italy, compared to 3%, 9%, and 3%, respectively, in 2021.

However, the UK’s e-bike market did not expand. To reach 155,000 units, fewer e-bikes were sold last year, a 3.1% decline. Additionally, according to Bike Europe, the UK’s 7.5% market share for e-bikes is “not enough” to provide the necessary momentum for e-bike sales to take off.

The Bicycle Association indicated that overall mechanical bike volumes in the UK decreased 22% to an anticipated 1.88 million units in 2022 in its report from that year, Riding out the Storm. E-bike sales, according to the organisation, have been “more stable,” although overall volume has plateaued since 2020.

“The report shows areas where the UK bike market could recover, including sales of e-bikes which are far below European countries,” said Simon Irons, director of BA industry Data Service.

Rising e-bike sales in all of Europe are not only making up for declining mechanical volume declines but are also expanding the industry as a whole. The e-bike business might expand in the UK if the proper incentives are put in place.

Compared to ordinary automobiles, mopeds, and bigger EVs, e-bikes have substantially lower entry barriers since they don’t require licences or registration, are simpler to park, are easier to ride, and are far less expensive to operate.

However, there is a lot of opportunity for development. Statistics showing that nations like the UK are far from where they should be in terms of their bike-ability, such as the cost of keeping a bike in a London hanger being five times more expensive than a vehicle parking permit, are highlighted. For the adoption of e-bikes to continue, governments throughout the Continent must make more investments and install more infrastructure.


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