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    E-bike: the future of sustainable mobility

    Last Updated on 1 March 2023 by Stefano

    Looking at the data on the policies adopted by our cities for urban mobility, it is strongly necessary to find solutions that can decongest vehicular traffic, increase road safety, reduce parking and travel times and, above all, improve air quality.
    In this scenario, electric bicycles appear as well as the natural response to these needs of environmental sustainability and urban roads. In Europe, the use of the electric bike better known as an assisted pedal bike for daily travel has greatly increased and not only in large cities.

    Nowadays, sustainable mobility is at the heart of many countries’ development policies, an objective to be achieved in the immediate future. Research projects are increasingly being carried out to innovate the transport system, both public and private, in cities through more environmentally sustainable solutions and to meet the mobility needs of the community.

    The problem, therefore, arises of guaranteeing other forms of mobility alternative to the car.
    The creation of corridors for emergency mobility involves allocating lanes dedicated to forms of mobility alternative to cars along all the main urban routes, in order to channel on these the mobility quotas that will be lost from public transport, at least in the most congested parts of cities.

    The electric bicycle

    E-bikes are the symbol of sustainable urban mobility. They also allow long distances to be covered in a sustainable way. These bikes work with the famous pedal-assist mode, with an electric motor that activates with mechanical movement and deactivates at a speed of 25 km/h. The e-bike enjoys a range of up to 100 km, also on the market there are many models depending on the needs and the use that you choose to make the vehicle.

    Cycle path e-bike sustainibility

    Urban mobility needs a sustainable turnaround and electric bikes are the perfect compromise for those who want to get around the city without getting too tired.
    Electric bikes are spreading like wildfire and, as is the case for every growing sector, the market proposals are increasing, among which we find the most portable folding electric bikes: very convenient for those travelling by train, they easily store themselves in the trunk and do not take up much space in the house.

    In summer, a beautiful folding e-bike allows even the less experienced to fully enjoy small routes in maximum freedom.
    So a foldable electric bike can really be a smart solution for everyday use or to go to the office.

    One aspect not to be underestimated is the mechanism to fold the electric bicycle, verifying that it is not too complicated but also robust and reliable, also analyzing the open and closed dimensions to control the dimensions in both configurations.

    An essential feature is the safety of the pedal-assisted bike, evaluating the efficiency of the braking system, the reliability of the frame and integrated technologies, such as devices that help avoid collisions and lights for night riding.



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