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2023’s best electric bicycles: These e-bikes are excellent for commuting and sports

Last Updated on 2 November 2023 by Stefano

The top electric bike for trails, commuting, and other uses

RANDRIDE Y90 Commuter ebike 1000W 48V

If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly mode of transportation, the finest electric bikes are an excellent investment. The greatest electric bikes available today are referred to as e-bikes, and they come in a wide range of designs and sizes, making it challenging to choose which you need. We’ll assist you in selecting the ideal electric bike for you with our guide.

Below, you’ll discover e-bikes designed for rough trail rides, as well as folding and thinner models perfect for cruising the city’s streets. The best electric bikes will cost more than standard cycles because you’re also paying for the battery and motor in addition to the cycle itself. Thus, it’s advisable to think of investing in one of the top e-bikes.

Unbeknownst to you, riding the greatest electric bikes can help you develop your aerobic strength even though it’s a less sweaty kind of cycling. They can give your ride a little extra power, but they can’t push the bike all the way to the finish for you. That being said, if you’re riding uphill, their strength will be immensely beneficial.

To assist you in selecting the best electric bike for you, we’ve tested every one on this list in a variety of settings. View our selection of the best foldable e-bikes if you have a small space in your house or place of business. Alternatively, if you’re trying to save money, we’ve put together a list of the top affordable electric bikes.

The best electric bikes for 2023

The best overall electric bike for any rider

With its makeover for 2023, the Frappé FCS 401 is now the greatest all-around e-bike available on the market. Due to its large capacity battery, which provides an amazing range of up to 90 miles with pedal assistance, there is no shortage of power.

Smooth power assistance is provided and managed by the excellent ride computer, which enables real-time power level adjustment.

With its sturdy and functional design, the new Frappé FCS 401 is perfect for daily riding in nearly any kind of weather. Its upright riding position makes it pleasant for commuting in urban areas. Standard features include lights and fenders, as well as a front suspension fork to cushion road shocks and potholes.

This e-bike is not inexpensive, and its large battery makes it very hefty. In our testing, we discovered that while it can be a little difficult to manoeuvre while not in the saddle, it is a pleasure to ride and incredibly useful in almost any riding situation. Greatly advised.

2. ADO A20 AIR Ultra-Light Foldable e-Bike (2023)

ADO A20 AIR Ivory

The greatest low-cost e-bike is a sturdy, foldable commuting bike.

For commuters, a foldable e-bike is the ideal option since it’s compact enough to stow under a desk or on a train and has an extra power boost to get you to your destination quickly and refreshed so you can get to work. Here, the ADO A20 AIR achieves an amazing balance at a surprisingly low cost.
With its compact storage and lightweight drivetrain, the 20-inch foldable ADO A20 Air electric bike has a lightweight design. The perfect marriage of a torque sensor, a carbon belt drive, and an extraordinarily light aluminium frame makes urban riding more enjoyable and valuable. With up to 100km of autonomy, the A20 Air is the ideal travel companion for comfortable city commuting.

3. DYU C6 City Electric Hybrid 26 Inch e-Bike (2023)

DYU C6 Hybrid Ebike 350W 25 km/h

The top affordable hybrid e-bike for riding on highways and mild trails

You want a bike that will support your busy lifestyle without emptying your pockets DYU C6 is the e-bike of your dreams!
It’s comfortable upright posture and 6-speed gearing will allow you to easily zoom about town whether you’re running errands or commuting to work.

Additionally, you can effortlessly ascend even the steepest hills thanks to its range of up to 90 km (55 miles). Because it is a hybrid, you won’t ever have to worry about being stranded if the battery dies; simply ride it like a typical bike and you should be OK. But what is the best characteristic of the DYU C6? It has every additional that you need for a worry-free riding experience.

4. Lankeleisi MG740 Plus Dual-Motor off road ebike (2023)

LANKELEISI MG740 PLUS Electric Mountain Bike

The Top Most Powerful Off-road Fat Tyre e-Bike

An electric bike with exceptional power and adaptability is the Lankeleisi MG740. With its large tyres, front suspension fork, 48V 17.5Ah Samsung battery, two strong 1000W hub motors, and 18 mm hydraulic disc brakes, this electric bike offers an outstanding ride. You can travel any sort of terrain with confidence because of its cutting-edge technology.

The front and rear of the vehicle are equipped with two 48V 1000w high-speed brushless motor twin drives that have a sizable power output. A star gear arrangement within can boost torque and the rate of energy efficiency conversion.

5. BASSO Volta Gravel Apex Carbon Frame (2023)


Volta Gravel Apex 1x11 Military Green E-Bike

Top Road & Gravel e-Bike for riding in style

One of the most fashionable electric bikes available is the Basso Volta Gravel Apex Carbon Frame, which offers svelte road style and dramatic power support from its 250W motor when needed.

The most flexible Basso eBike is now possible with the addition of a powerful electric motor to this multipurpose dirt ebike.

The Volta, which adds watts and volts to make every ride as delightful as the previous, enables all riders to have a tuned ride.

The structure is made by hand from the same high-quality (3K Toray, approx. HMCF T700-MR60) carbon fibre as our gravel bikes.
Driven by a Polini 500-watt lithium battery, 250-watt Polini EP3+ motor (over 75 Nm torque), and 500-watt frame all built in Italy.

6. ENGWE Engine Pro Upgraded Version Fat Tire (2023)


Engwe Engine Pro 750W

Best Folding 20″ Fat Tyre E-bike

Riding ENGWE ENGINE PRO will test your strength and toughness. Your uniqueness and toughness will be amplified with this durable outdoor partner!

An elegant and sophisticated electric mountain bike with big fat tyres is the ENGWE ENGINE Pro. The 20-inch frame is made of aluminium alloy and is brightly brushed. It is prepared for any assignment thanks to a 1000W (peak) high-torque motor and a 120 km battery range. This bike is still functional for anyone seeking a lightweight, comfortable ride that fits neatly in the trunk of their vehicle, trailer, or RV.

Because Engwe Engine Pro has an updated motor, it can attain a quicker maximum speed when both of them have 1000W power motors. The greatest speed that an electric bicycle may reach varies depending on several factors, including the rider’s weight, battery life, and trail conditions.

7. ENGWE L20 Utility Cargo E-bike (2023)


ENGWE L20 Electric Bike 20*4.0 inch Fat Tire 250W Motor
Best Top Cargo e-bike Utility Electric Bike

If you’re searching for an affordable electric bike that you can use for your daily commute, the Engwe L20 might be a great option. This Engwe electric bike is different from others. It looks gorgeous and elegant and comes with numerous attachments. The nicest thing is that it’s reasonably priced.

Unlike other Engwe-style bikes, the Engwe L20 provides a unique riding experience thanks to its step-through design. It offers something new and feels unique. If you’re looking for an e-bike that’s ideal for long journeys, you’ll be pleased with its battery capacity, smooth ride, and overall performance when riding.

With a 250W motor that can provide 500W of peak power and 50N.m of maximum torque, the bike can reach a top speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph) and ride smoothly and comfortably.

8. GOGOBEST GF750 City Retrò Style Dual Motor (2023)

GOGOBEST GF750 Dual motor 2000W

Top Power Motor High-Speed e-Bike

The GOGOBEST GF750 has a forged lightweight aluminium alloy frame and twin oil spring suspension up front and in the back. Furthermore included are a brand-new 48V 17.5Ah power lithium battery, an amazing 2000W high-speed twin motor that can reach a speed of 15.5 mph (unlockable), and a power-off oil disc that enables the GF750 to operate at 28–30 different speeds. 26′′ x 4.0′′ wheels that are suitable for gravel, asphalt, and potholes will accompany you on your increased riding enjoyment.

A maximum climb angle of 45° is possible for the rider thanks to the 48V 2000W brushless motor. When utilised internally, a star gear configuration may boost torque, enhance energy conversion, and boost climbing capacity and speed.

Riding an improved GF750 Electric Bike from GOGOBEST is highly recommended. Get this electric bike with a vintage vibe today to enjoy its freedom and style!

9. RANDRIDE YS90 Full Suspension e-MTB (2023)

RANDRIDE YS90 SHIMANO 27 Speed Electric Bike

Best Top Affordable Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike

The Randride Antelope YS90 Model Robust MTB with complete shock absorption enhances riding enjoyment on uneven terrain.

You can opt to travel 50 or 90 km with help or just on power.

Go on a picnic in the wilderness or ride your bike to work or the store to save money on fuel and diesel.

The RANDRIDE ebikes come with rear lights as standard equipment and a strong LED light for nighttime riding.

With its quick-release battery box design and real-time power indicator, charging is simple and convenient, and power is promptly restored while travelling. On the side of the display is a USB charging port for charging a smartphone.
Equipped with 27.5″ x 2.4″ CST Tyres and Shimano MicroNew 27 gears.

The front and rear dual suspension technology of the RANDRIDE YS90 Antelope electric bike effectively absorbs shock, ensuring a comfortable ride that lets you explore more ground. The RANDRIDE YS90 Antelope e-bike offers a smooth and enjoyable ride on both level and undulating city streets.

10. Rock Machine Blizz INT E60-29 electric bike (2023)



Best Mid-Drive Electric Mountain Bike

An e-bike for trails featuring a powerful 85Nm Shimano EP8 motor and a 120km fully integrated battery.

The lightweight frame’s internal cable routing has been modified to endure extended mountain hikes, steep ascents, and short cross-country segments while maintaining consistent control on challenging terrain. For comfort and perfect steering, a RockShox Judy with 130mm of travel and a dropper post that can take up to 150/170mm of travel, depending on the size of the bike, are necessities. The four-piston Shimano brakes with metallic pads ensure that the bike can stop quickly in both wet and dry conditions.

  • The Trail Ultimate Geometry of the NEW generation frame maximises bike handling on trails.
  • 120 km of range and 85 Nm of torque are features of a new SHIMANO EP8 motor.
  • The Shimano E-Tube app lets you access individual e-drive settings.
    130mm Rock Shox Judy Air fork
  • Four-piston disc brakes with metallic pads from SHIMANO
  • Dropper posts with corresponding travel of 150 and 170 mm
  • Headset with Block Lock to safeguard the frame

How electric bikes are tested

We can provide you with a detailed overview of how two models ride on the road, even if their specs are similar. We’ve ridden a broad variety of e-bikes. We always put electric bikes through their paces on a variety of terrains and grades and test them in real-world settings so you can see how well they work in daily life.

Every bike gets its whole power range tested, along with specific settings. If the bike has a navigation system, we also utilise it to map out and ride several routes. Additionally, we will contrast the ride computer’s GPS tracking with the data from an expensive sports watch. If the bike has a mobile app, we will explain how simple it is to download and use and point out any unexpected costs, such as the requirement for a subscription to download maps.

Before anything else, you should consider what sort of electric bike best suits your demands and budget. A foldable e-bike like the ADO A20 Air is perfect if you’re sick of using the bus or vehicle to work and want a more affordable, handy, joyful, and healthy way to get there.

Any road-worthy electric bike can be a great way to get around town, but even with the finest bike locks, locking up your bike increases the danger of theft. Folding bikes may be piled onto trains to shorten lengthy travels or brought to work to keep them secure.

Conversely, an electric mountain bike, or eMTB, such as the Rock Machine Blizz INT, is what you’ll want if you’re searching for an electric bike for off-road riding. Standard road cycles are made for economical riding on smooth terrain, but eMTBs need more power to make up for their bigger tyres and higher resistance. They also need superior suspension to withstand jumps and bumpy rides. Due to these extra construction-related complications, eMTBs are often more expensive, and there aren’t many decent low-cost alternatives available that rival that of a traditional pedal-power MTB.

However, a road bike like the Frappé FCS 401 is a terrific purchase if all you’re looking for is to expand the distance, reduce the strain during your ride, or perhaps work an evening food delivery job as a side gig. You can effortlessly whizz about town or bike hard all weekend to isolated locations.

You’ll need a battery that meets your demands in addition to your riding style and budget. The range you require will depend on how far you go regularly. Those who live in cities and rarely travel more than a few miles at a time may afford to forgo some battery life, but those who want to go on lengthy trips must be sure their excursions will last long enough to recharge.


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