Please always abide by local driving laws and regulations.
To guarantee the safe use of an electric bicycle, please wear a helmet and other safety gear. Please refrain from riding on rainy days and avoid getting the electric bicycle wet for safety reasons.
If the electric bike satisfies specific standards, anybody 14 years of age or older may ride one.
‘Electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs) is the name given to these electric bicycles. One does not require registration, taxation, insurance, or a permit to ride.
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Driving an electric bike with a throttle (gives you full power on-demand with no automatic pedal assistance involved) with a motor over 250-watt at a speed exceeding 15.5 mph on a public road, sidewalk or bike path is prohibited. They can only be used on private property with the owner’s consent. The consumer agrees and bears all risk and liability connected with using an e-bike and/or any other items acquired from the LTD firm indicated above while making a transaction through i-LAPS Ltd. The consumer assumes full responsibility and waives their right to hold i-LAPS Ltd or its owners liable for any damages resulting from their usage, whether those damages are direct or indirect. Please be aware that it is solely the duty of the consumer to utilise the throttle on our bicycles.
Our throttle-equipped bicycles should only be used on private property; they should not be ridden on public streets or walkways. When utilising our goods, it’s crucial to ride safely and with prudence. 

Driver Obligation

It’s crucial to be aware that different areas have distinct laws and rules regarding electric scooters and bikes. Before using your ST3IKE Electric bike, it is your obligation to become familiar with the local rules and legislation.

The following important rules must be followed:

Riders must be at least 14 years old.
All periods require the use of approved helmets.
Bicycle-related traffic laws riders are to be followed.
When travelling on roadways or in locations with specified speed or power limits, such as parks, tracks, trails, parking lots, or residential zones, please abide by any indicated provincial or local legal requirements. All riders are urged to behave properly and responsibly while abiding by applicable laws.