ZEFAL Z Traveller 80 Rack Bag


Z TRAVELER 80 Rack Bag

Rear bag with a modular volume

This bag offers a large modular volume thanks to its basket-shaped opening once unfolded. The Z Traveler 60 also has a smartphone pocket and side pocket as well as a shoulder strap. This bag has a universal attachment system that makes it compatible with all luggage racks.

This water-resistant bag has two foldout side bags and a compartment in the middle offering huge amounts of storage. The Z Traveller 80 uses Velcro straps in its fitting system making it compatible with all types of pannier racks. It’s made with a highly resistant fabric so it won’t scuff easily and won’t get damaged if the bike falls or knocks against something. The side pockets have been reinforced with EVA shells to help protect the contents even more. The outer shell also works as a rain cover making it water resistant for when you get caught in a downpour or for the morning rainy commute.


  • Resistant material: Highly resistant fabric
  • Universal mounting: For all types of pannier racks
  • Reinforced side pocket: The foldout side pockets are made from EVA shells
  • Water resistant: Rain cover
  • Tool-free: No tools are required for assembly


  • Capacity: 32L
  • Mounting: Universal using Velcro
  • Size: 320 x 230 x215mm
  • Weight: 1000g