ST3IKE SUV ADO A20F+ 250W Fat Tire Folding ebike

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The SUV ADO A20F+ FOLD X is designed for flexibility, it has a folding frame, allowing you to take it places other еbikes won’t go. In its folded state the ADO A20F+ SUV FOLD X easily fits under most desks and in other out-of-the-way places.

Electric Beast for the City and Off-road

Dirt, mud, snow, or sand, there is nothing that can stop you in our ST3IKE SUV!

The ADO A20F+ SUV Fold X is designed for men and women that want not just an eye-grabbing fat tire electric bike but something which packs all of the best part parts to provide a superb ride, it is a capable climber but also joyful in the city.
The best part is that you can fold it up!
This bike is still great for city commutes as well as for light off-road adventures.

Designed for light trails and urban commuting, the ST3IKE ADO A20F+ SUV FOLD X goes where it wants, when it wants. Equipped with a beast of a 250 Watt rear hub engine, it delivers get-up-and-go, every time. Its waterproof, 36volt 10.4Ah battery gives you enough capacity to make whatever round trip you’re faced with.
The G-Drive smart control system should help to minimize energy loss while driving and get the maximum runtime.

This bike comes with many innovative features and will deliver a quick boost on a bumpy terrain when needed. It is also fast and comfortable; its fat tires act as shock absorbers, providing a cushioned smooth ride.

Its disc brakes and the Shimano 7-speed gearing system will offer you full control over this bike while giving you the confidence to tackle any speed.
Is equipped with a pedal assist and throttle mode with low, mid and high settings. All these settings can be controlled on the LCD display on the handlebars.

The LCD is very easy to use and read, and it will let you keep track of the current speed, battery life, pedal-assist levels, and the distance you already passed.

ST3IKE ADO A20F+ SUV is more than an eye-catcher, it’s your new daily commuter, is convenient to use and even more fun to ride.

ST3IKE SUV ADO A20F+ really feels like it should be priced higher, as the quality, comfort, and ride are outstanding.

A durable and long-lasting 6061 aluminium frame will provide sturdiness and stability even when you hit steep hills.

To comply with UK rules, the bike has a disabled throttle, a top speed of 15.5 mph, and a motor that is locked and labelled as 250W. This makes the bike legal to drive on UK roads. (If you need help unlocking the throttle, the top speed, or the motor power, contact us, and we’ll email you the easy instructions.)

Innovative and Practical Folding Design

The practical tri-fold design folds fast in 10 seconds. You may easily slip inside the trunk for a smooth journey whenever you want. Easy access to commuter locations including elevators and offices thanks to the ultra-light frame material.

Brushless Geared Hub Motor with 250W of Power

Better heat dissipation provided by the recently enhanced high temperature resistant inner ring can slow the motor magnet’s rate of decay and prolong its useful life. The motor’s 43N.m maximum torque and powerful power can go farther and handle a variety of road conditions.

10.4AH Lithium battery that is removable

The ADO electric bicycle’s lithium-ion battery has overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection features. The battery still has 80% of its capacity after 1000 charges. The internal lithium-ion battery is effectively isolated by the battery cover, which also extends battery life and keeps you safe. The battery cover is waterproof and sealed.

The pedal assist control system for G-DRIVE

The ADO G-Drive frequency converter control system is capable of rapidly receiving signals, as well as detecting, gathering, and analysing the vehicle to adapt to various road conditions. While riding, different power aid modes can be selected at will, and data is gathered in real-time to significantly cut energy loss.

Effective and Quick Braking System

Even in the worst circumstances, the 160*2.8mm brake disc still gives the best braking capacity and ensures the rider’s riding safety.


Type A20F+ e-BIKE
Display Type LCD
Chain Yes
Brake Dual Mechanical Disc Brake
Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Handlebars Yes
Tire Size 20″x4.0″ fat snow tire
Pedals Included Yes
Folded Size 980x450x770mm
Unfolded Size 1740x530x1200mm

Electric Bike Technical Parameters

Operating Temperature -10 to 40*C
Motor 250W Hall Brushless DC Motor
Speed Max: 25km/h – 15.5mph
Battery Capacity 36V 10.4Ah Li-ion Battery
Battery Power 374.4Wh
Mileage (depends on road and driver weight) Purely Electric Mode: 45km (28mi) – Hybrid Electric & Pedal Mode: 80km (50mi)
Charging Time 4-6 hours
Transmission Shimano 7 Speed

More Features

Others Features Shock-Absorption: Yes
Motor Rated Speed: 380 r/min
Waterproof: Yes ~ IPX5


Package content 1x ADO A20F+ Electric Bike
1x Battery Charger
1x Set of Installation Tools
1x Air Pump
1x Mobile Phone Holder
1x Kickstand
1x  Complete Lighting kit


High Energy Batteries

G-Drive Control System

Golden Differential Gear Design

Shimano 7 speed Transmission

Double Disc Brake System



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