RANDRIDE YX26M 1000W 48V Foldable E-Bike 26×4.0″ Fat Tyre Magnesium Wheels – Shimano Brake

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RANDRIDE YX26M Ebike foldable 1000W Motor

RANDRIDE YX26M 1000W Foldable E-Bike 26×4.0″ Fat Tyre with Magnesium Alloy Wheels – Shimano Disc Brake – 48V 15Ah Removable Battery | Fast Free Shipping

The Randride YX26M is a great electric bike with a powerful 1000W brushless motor that has the same capacity as the YX90, the biggest difference is that it is foldable.

Full shock absorption which makes them wonderful to drive even in bumpy terrain like the YX90 and the YX80, it is wonderful in winter. Lockable shock absorbers in the front, shock absorbers in the back and with a soft, lovely saddle, chafing in the rear is a blue memory.

IP54 Dust and SplashProof

IP class 54 means that harmful amounts cannot get onto electrical parts so that insulation failures can occur.

Color LCD Display If you hold down the + button, you turn on the light, it turns off with the same button. If you hold down the – button, it is cruise control, it is only pressed when the bike is running and you want to keep the same speed.

Detachable Lithium Battery, 48V/15Ah

Features a 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery to guarantee exceptional performance and a long lifespan. With pedal assistance, the single range can reach over 65 miles (105 km) on each charge, while with pure electric power, it can reach up to 50 miles (80 km) on every charge.

Brushless Motor 1000W

With a 1000W and 100Nm torque brushless geared hub motor rated for 31 mph (50 kmph) of speed, it can effortlessly navigate steep slopes and tough terrain.

LCD Vibrant Colour Display

Compared to other displays, the LCD colourful display has a better visual impact. Its screen is brighter and crisper, and it can display information about gear, speed, mileage, and other factors even in poorly lit environments.

The display has a USB charging connector so you may charge other mobile devices or your phone.

LED Headlight with 48V Power

Compared to other standard headlights, the RANDRIDE independent R&D headlamp has a 25% higher brightness. Enough light to ensure better visibility and your safety when cycling at night.

Aluminium Alloy Fork with Front Suspension

The front suspension fork made of aluminium alloy features lockout, preload adjustment, and 100mm of travel. When riding on difficult roads, it efficiently reduces the sensation of bumps because of its high-dampening effect.

26″ x 4.0″ CST All-Terrain Fat Tyre

Featuring robust, puncture-resistant tyres with integrated tyre liners and sidewalls that reflect light. Delivering improved traction and grip on rough conditions. These big tyres provide you with an easy and smooth riding experience even on the most difficult terrains and weather situations.

7-Speed Shimano Gear Shift System

With the Shimano7 speed gear shift system, you have additional options when riding in a range of weather situations because you can quickly transfer gears to accommodate varying terrain. When paired with the pedal-assist system, you have the freedom to freely choose the ideal speed to finish your trip.

Aluminium Alloy Saddle Suspension at the Back

With 80mm of travel, the aluminium alloy rear saddle suspension dampens vibrations and force from the rear while the coil suspension maintains front stability. Effectively lessen vibrations on joltier road segments and enhance comfort while riding.

Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike 100W foldable
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike foldable 1000W
Randride YX26M ebike 100W foldable
Randride YX26M ebike 100W foldable


Model: YX26M
Colour: Black
Top speed: 15.5 mph (unlockable to 31 mph – 50 km/h)
Maximum load: 450 lbs / 205 kg
Max Grade: 30°
Waterproof rating: IP54 (waterproof, can be used in the rain)
Voltage: 48V
Motor power: 48V 1000W Rear Hub Brushless Motor 60-70Nm torque
Charging time: 6-7 hours
Charger: 48V DC 2A smart charger
Sensor: Torque sensor
Controller: Small intelligent controller
Travel Distance: (Range): 40-50km/25-31mi in electric mode, 70-80km/43-50mi in power-assist mode
Throttle: Half-twist throttle
Tyres: 26″ x 4.0″ CST puncture-resistant all-terrain fat tyre
Wheels: 26inch magnesium aluminium alloy integrated wheel
Battery capacity: 48V 15Ah 18650 lithium-ion battery (Samsung/LG)
Display: Colorful LCD display (with USB charging port)
Display Contents: Speed, Mileage, Gear, Errors
Additional Functions:  Pedal assist acceleration; constant speed cruise; speed custom setting
Pedal Assist Intelligent:  0~5 level pedal assist
Frame: Aluminium alloy
Rear Saddle Suspension:  Aluminum alloy rear saddle suspension
Front Fork:  Aluminum alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
Derailleur: Shimano- 7-speed
Chain:  KNC chain
Headlamp: 48V LED light
Rear Light:  Integrated Taillight
Seat: SR saddle
Brake Type: SHIMANO disc brakes
Fenders: Yes
Rack: Yes
Weight: 71 lbs – 32 kg
Recommended Rider Height: 160 – 190 cm. / 5.2″ – 6.2″
Package size:  61.8 × 11.8× 31.8 in – 157 × 30 × 81 cm
Package weight: 79.3 lbs – 36 kg

In the box

1 × eBike
1 × Helmet
1 × Battery charger
1 × User Manual
2 × Fenders
1 × Rear Light
1 × Riding Bags
1 × Sunglasses
1 × Rear Rack
1 × Multipurpose Tool


Please be aware that this e-bike model is only legal for use on private roads with the owner’s consent.



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