Lankeleisi XT750 Sport Version Folding E-Bike



Lankeleisi XT750 Sport Edition

LANKELEISI XT750 Sport Version Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Electric bicycle with a 26-inch foldable frame, Lankeleisi XT750 Sport Version. Foldable and small in size, convenient for storage and transportation. This is a superb off-road and city electric bike because of its tough performance.

Under ideal conditions, the electric bicycle’s removable 48V 14.5Ah top-brand lithium battery and dependable 500W high-speed brushless motor can travel 30 to 50 kilometres (in fully electric mode) and 60 to 90 kilometres (in pedal-assist mode).

Adopt an aluminium alloy frame with a front fork that is suspended. Hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and back efficiently shorten the stopping distance in an emergency. Bright headlights ensure a clear view at night. An ergonomic saddle improves the seat’s comfort and lessens the strain of prolonged sitting.

Three riding modes: manual labour mode, pedal assistance mode, and fully electric mode (hand throttle).

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The Lankelisi XT750 attracts the attention

It stands out on its own thanks to a lovely design, original painting, stickers, and vibrant colours. Slick tyres and three-spoke wheels only enhance the impact and draw attention.

Nevertheless, the XT750 is outstanding for the money compared to other tiny folding e-bikes because it not only looks nice but also rides smoothly.
Everything is tight. The XT750 is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.

By pushing just three buttons, the onboard computer of the Lankeleisi XT750 provides all the information you require.

The Lankeleisi XT750 is completely programmable and comes with a mechanical pedalling system, giving you an incredible overall combination of up to 70 marching patterns!

Lankeleisi XT750 E-Bike

Let’s go! You can travel up to 25 mph off-road with its 500 watts of maximum power, and in assisted mode, you can cruise along with little to no effort.

Get on an e-bike that you will like riding for a very long time and start logging some kilometres.

Lankeleisi XT750 Sports Version

Stopping is simple and practically at your fingers! front brake handlers to manage the front and rear brakes. You can stop at any time thanks to hydraulic grip levers that break with a motor cut-off button.

Ride safely and use robust brakes with a powerful engine.

Lankeleisi XT750 Brakes

Lankeleisi Xt750 26inch integrated wheel

Integrated 26-inch wheel

Make your journey in the city or in the mountains more comfortable with this sturdy vehicle.

Lankeleisi Xt750 500W high speed motor

High-speed motor of 500W

Automatically able to adjust to the power frequency, deal with different working-day road conditions, and lighten the load on cyclists.

Lankeleisi XT750 Smart waterproof display

Waterproof smart display

You may record your riding data, view data like speed, battery life, lighting, etc. at any moment, and ride securely.

Shimano 27 speed Lankeleisi XT750

27-speed Shimano

It uses a sophisticated 27-speed shifting level design that adapts to the user and can quickly handle various road conditions. While riding, have fun.

Right accelerator handle Lankeleisi XT750

Right-hand twist throttle

Handle with a comfortable design and a gentle twist to begin the acceleration journey.

Lankeleisi XT750 Sports Version

Technical Specifications

Battery: 48V 14.5ah Panasonic lithium battery

Charger: 48V 3A charger

Charging time: 4-6 hours

Range range: Pure electric 40-60 km, power assist 70-100 km

Max grade: 30°

Motor: 500W brushless rear-drive high-speed motor

Paint: Electrostatic baking paint

Brake: ZOOM H875 power-off hydraulic oil disc brake

Wheel Size: 26inch

Tyre: KENDA mountain rubber 26 x 1.95”

Shock absorber: Front and rear oil string suspension

Frame material: 6061 All-aluminium alloy frame

Controller: 5-gear power controller

Maximum speed: 25~40Km/h – 15.5~24.85mp/h

Varispeed: Shimano M2000 finger dial & M370/rear dial

Instrument: s700 5-inch LCD smart meter

Seat: Premium sport seat

Handlebars: Aluminum alloy ultra-lightweight handlebar

Accelerator: 192DX Electric handlebar

Headlight: LED highlight headlight

Maximum load-bearing capacity: 150kg

Weight & Size

Product Weight: 22kg

Package Weight: 32kg

Package Size (L x W x H): 148 x 19.5 x 79.5 cm


Please be aware that this ebike model is only legal for use on private roads with the owner’s consent.



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