GUNAI MX02S Fat Tyre 26″ 1000W Electric Mountain Bike

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GUNAI MX025S emtb 1000W 48V 17Ah Battery

GUNAI MX02S 26 inch Fat Tyre Electric Mountain Bike 1000W 48V 17Ah Maximum Speed 25mph – 40km/h | Fast Free Shipping *


This electric mountain bike has a sturdy, lightweight aluminium alloy frame that can support up to 150 kg of weight in safety loads. Your ride will be safer with hydraulic disc brakes, and the 26 x 4.0-inch large tyres will increase traction on any route, making your mountain bike, beach, or snow ride more stable. A comfortable and secure ride may be provided with a 21-speed shifting mechanism and a suspension fork made of high-strength aluminium alloy.

Among the top electric mountain bikes available is the GUNAI MX02S model. The 1000W motor on the bike has a top speed of 25mph (40 km/h). Powered by a 48V 17Ah lithium battery, the Gunai MX02S is a formidable source of electric bikes. Moreover, it has an LCD panel that shows information such as pedal assist level, speed, cadence, and battery life. The lightweight and durable aluminium alloy frame of this e-bike can support up to 150 kg of weight safely. Hydraulic disc brakes increase the safety of your ride, and 26 x 4.0-inch fat tyres provide traction on any road, improving driving stability in all weather situations, including snow, sand, and mountains.

Rechargeable Battery

Because the battery is waterproof and made of plastic, harm to it is difficult. The battery may be charged in two different methods. It is simple to remove and recharge the battery. Another option is to directly charge the electric bicycle boy by plugging the power supply into it. The battery can be completely charged in five to seven hours, and it has a thousand recharge cycles. After a full charge, the battery may be utilised for around 40 km in pure electric mode and 60–90 kilometres in pedal assist mode.

Strong Powerful Motor

Improved PA66 raw reduction gear for the motor allows for a torque of 95Nm without distortion. German Hall chip; prompt, steady, and difficult to break processing. Your trip will be more enjoyable with the powerful 48V 1000W brushless motor. In typical road conditions, the motor’s maximum speed is around 25 mph, and its gradeability may exceed 35°.

3 Functional Modes

Pedal Assist Mode: When you pedal the bike, the motor will provide you with modest power assistance in the Pedal Assist Mode. You may go 40–50 km in this mode before needing to recharge.

Electric Mode: To power the bike motor, twist the throttle to any desired power increment. Its range is 35 to 40 kilometres while in its mode.

Manual Mode: In manual mode, simply pedal the bike as you would any other bike.

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Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah
Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah
Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah
Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah
Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah
Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah
Electric Bike Gunai Mx02s Mtb Snow Ebike 1000w 48v 17ah

Product Specifications

General Brand Gunai
Tyres 26*4.0 Inches CST BFT Fat Tyres
Model MX02S
Colour Black
Version CE Version
Throttle  Yes


Battery Material 18650 lithium battery
Type of batteries Removable portable charging
Rated Voltage 48V
Charging time 6-7 hours
Rated Capacity 48V 17Ah
Charging Temperature 0~40°C
Charger EU standard DC 2.1 charger
Motor Type Hall Brushless Gear DC Rear Motor
Rated Voltage 48V
Rated Power 1000W
Torque 95Nm
Max Climb 35°


Dimensions L×W×H 186 x 65 x 105 cm – 73.2 x 25.9 x 41.3 in
Package Size 149 x 31 x 79 cm – 58.6 x 12.2 x 31.1 in
Operating Temperature -10~40°C
Display 5.5″ Smart LCD instrument
Net Weight 31 kg – 63.3 lbs
Gross weight 38.5 kg – 84.8 lbs
IP Rating IP45
Max. Speed 25 km/h  – 15.5 mph (unlockable to 40 km/h -25 mph)
Transmission Shimano 21-Speed
Pure electric mileage 40-45 km / 25-28 mi
Pedal assist mileage 70-75 km / 43-47 mi
Shock-absorption Front fork spring suspension
Brakes Front: XOD Hydraulic disc brake
Rear: XOD Hydraulic disc brake
Frame material Aluminium alloy
Payload 150kg – 330 lbs


In the box
Electric bike
Battery Charger
Installation Tools
Air Pump



Please be aware that this ebike model is only legal for use on private roads with the owner’s consent.

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