GOGOBEST GM28 Step Through 350W Motor Ladies or Senior Ebike

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Gogobest GM28 ebike

GOGOBEST GM28 Step-Through 350W Motor Ladies or Senior Ebike – 15.5 mph 36V 10.4Ah Removable Battery – Aluminum Frame | Free and Fast Shipping from the UK

Stylish and dependable, the Gogobest GM28 Electric City Bicycle is an e-bike perfect for leisurely trips and city commutes. This electric city bike delivers a comfortable and easy riding experience with its sleek and modern appearance. Its robust powertrain provides simple riding on metropolitan streets and smooth acceleration.

It is possible to customise and get a comfortable riding posture thanks to the lightweight frame and adjustable components. With its long-lasting battery and an average 80 km range on a single charge, the Gogobest GM28 is the ideal companion for both weekend excursions and daily commuting. For your urban travels, enjoy the Gogobest GM28 Electric City Bike’s eco-friendly and convenient transportation.

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A strong 350W brushless motor with accurate control energy output and fast speed is a feature of the GM28. With ample power for hill climbing and standstill starting, the geared motor offers a smooth and quiet ride. The 12-magnet cadence sensor with excellent resolution makes sure that acceleration and deceleration are easy to regulate and predictable.

GOGOBEST GM28 Electric City Bicycle


The GM28’s lightweight aluminium frame has a sleek and elegant look with a low crossbar design for convenient boarding and alighting. It is appropriate for pleasant daily travel as well as urban commuting.

GOGOBEST GM28 E-bike 27.5" Wheel 10.4AH Battery

High Capacity, Waterproof 36V 10.4Ah Removable Battery

The bike frame has a concealed lithium battery that is both dust- and waterproof. Easily disassembled for charging, it may be used at home or in the workplace. The battery can achieve up to 80km of power-assisted mobility with a quick charge of 5–6 hours.

GOGOBEST GM28 E-bike 27.5" Wheel 10.4AH Battery

Curved Handlebar

Women riders will find the curved handlebar shape more comfortable. It is more convenient to accelerate the bike over short distances and relieves strain on the shoulders and back. Additionally, controlling the angle of entrance is simple.

GOGOBEST GM28 Electric City Bicycle

All-Road Tyres 27.5 x 1.5 Inches

All roads can accommodate the comfortable and stable 27.5″ x 1.5-inch wheel. It features larger, quicker, less effort-requiring functions, as well as anti-skid and anti-vibration properties.

GOGOBEST GM28 Electric City Bicycle


Sturdy Rear Rack

Equipped with a sturdy, dependable rear rack, it can also be assembled to carry your dogs or baggage, making it easy to transport your belongings wherever and adding to the enjoyment of your journeys. It can hold a maximum weight of 25 kg.

GOGOBEST GM28 Electric City Bicycle

SHIMANO 7-Speed Gears

Fitted with an aluminium alloy crank 52T gear wheel and an imported Shimano 7-speed shifting mechanism. Riding is made much more enjoyable by the traditional collocation with rear 7 levels, sis placement, and durable 7-speed.

GOGOBEST GM28 Electric City Bicycle


Equipped With V Brakes

V brakes are more appropriate for everyday riding by ladies, senior riders, and casual riders since they are lightweight and simple to maintain. The braking force of the v-brake is comparatively high due to the contact friction between the rubber compound and the rim.

GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle

GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle
GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle
GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle
GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle
GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle
GOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City BicycleGOGOBEST GM28 350W Electric City Bicycle


Frame: Aluminum Alloy Frame
Motor: 36V 250W (350W Peak Power) Rear Hub Motor
Battery: 36V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery
Wheel Size: 27.5”
Tyre: 27.5 x 1.5 Inches
Battery Weight: 2.70 kg
Battery Position: Integrated Battery
Power Assisted Range: 80 km – 50 mi
Pure Electric Range: 40 km – 25 mi
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h – 15.5 mph (unlockable to 32 km/h – 20 mph)
Transmission: SHIMANO 7-Speed
Brakes: Mechanical V Brakes
Rough Weight: 31.2 kg – 69 lbs
Product Size: 187 x 65 x 105 cm
Package Size: 144.8 x 24 x 83 cm
Motor Torque: 44 Nm
Max Load: 120kg -264 lbs
Battery Charger: 42V 2Ah
Charging Time: 5-6 h
Waterproof Rate: IPX4
Seatpost: 83-93 cm
Applicable Height: 150-200 cm
Meter: LCD Meter
Max Grade: 30°

In the Box

1 x GOGOBEST GM28 Electric Bicycle
1 x Throttle Kit
1 x Battery Charger
1 x User Manual
1 x Pump (gift)
1 x Lock (gift)
1 x Assembling Tools
1 x Front and Rear fenders
1 x Rear Rack



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