20-35L Bike Storage Bag Double Side Pannier Bags


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20-35L Bike Storage Bag Double Side Pannier Bags


The waterproof carbon composite leather used to make the bike rack seat bag is sturdy, water-resistant, and long-lasting. Due to its foldability, the rack bag can be used as a cargo bag or a boot bag. When you need more capacity, the bike pannier rear rack may be opened up with zippers. It is stable, practical, and simple to set up. With a large 35L capacity, it can accommodate your needs.

When you use a rucksack for outdoor activities, you can free your hands. The wide strap can be worn over the shoulder as a backpack because it has padded shoulder rests. It provides the same level of comfort as other common backpacks. It has a stylish appearance, and you can use it for work or school.

With the two carry handles at the top, the delicate and multipurpose bike bag doubles as a purse. The velcro on them keeps the two handle straps attached. Your trip life will be made easier by portable design. It is big enough to be used as a shoulder cross bag without seeming foolish. This bag is functional and appealing. When travelling, you can have your hands free.

During riding, an integrated thicker pad absorbs shock. a removable partition that allows for flexible usage. And the built-in frame is difficult to deflect when in use. Safeguard clothing, shoes, phones, cameras, kettles, and other items that belong in the bike boot bag with assurance.

With the Bike Storage Bag Double Side Pannier Bags, you can easily clean it with a simple wipe, unlike other bike bags. The material of the bag is particularly resistant to dirt, and its face is shiny. We all know that when you go out, you can’t help but carry it to unclean locations. You won’t experience problems with this bag anymore.

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