BAFANG Mid Drive ebike Motor Electric Bike Conversion for Mountain and Road Bicycle


Bafang E-Bike Conversion

BAFANG Mid Drive ebike Motor Electric Bike Conversion for Mountain and Road Bicycle |Up to 1000W| 2-7 days Delivery from our UK/EU warehouses | No Extra Taxes | 1 Year Warranty


Bafang products call of the highest quality with the best flexibility. We provide a variety of drive systems for different applications to provide users with the best driving experience at all times. Find out more about Bafang and give your life strength.


When developing and manufacturing products, Bafang always pays great attention to their reliability, quality and longevity.
The manufacturing process is coupled with continuous quality checks and all components are thoroughly tested during production.
The high quality of the products is complemented by our excellent service. Customer inquiries are handled with the utmost care and thanks to our production capabilities we can quickly fulfil individual and high-quality customer requests.

The Bafang crankset motor is installed in place of the original crankset. Designed in one piece, it integrates the motor, the controller and the pedal sensor. Installation is easy and does not require frame modification.
All hardware required for installation comes standard.

Bafang cable kit

All connectors are waterproof and have visual keying. Impossible to go wrong when connecting.
A single cable goes up from the engine to the handlebars to connect the various accessories:
2 Red connectors for brake cut-offs
1 Green connector for the control screen on the handlebars (LCD display)
1 Yellow connector for the accelerator

Bafang mid drive ebike conversion kit


BAFANG kit is compatible with 68-73mm (length) and 34-36mm (inner diameter) bottom brackets. You can install the mid-drive motor on your mountain bike, road bike and commuter bike, not very recommended for carbon fibre frame bikes or coaster brakes. Powerful 8fun motor makes your cycling journey more exciting. Look forward to seeing your eBike conversion, enjoy the joy of driving now!

Bafang mid-drive ebike conversion kit 750W

Bafang Motor Mid Drive Motor

Bafang motor specifications


Perfectly designed to bring all key information at a glance. Bafang displays use the latest technology in an easy-to-use package, with exceptional connectivity that keeps information flowing through any spin.

Covering all kinds of setups, Bafang is an ideal companion no matter your style, from eMTB to eCity and with Bluetooth and USB connectivity options, you can sync your devices for a seamless experience.

Mid Drive ebike Motor Electric Bike Conversion

Bafang Motor Mid Drive Motor


Bafang E-Bike Conversion

Bafang Motor Mid Drive Motor

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Bafang packaging list

Packing List:

1 x Bafang Mid Drive Motor (250/350/500/1000W)

1 x 46T Chain Wheel (optional for 250/350/500W 44T/48T). For 1000W motor 42T only

1 pair of brake levers or brake sensors

1 x LCD display (multi-choice)

1 Replacement cranks (both sides)

1 Set Thumb Throttle

1 Set Speed Sensor

1 x 4 in 1 Required cable

1 Set of Accessories

Free gifts:

1 x 6V LED front light

1 x Bafang install tool key

1 x Crank Removal Tool

Engine battery connector cable 1 x XT60 Port

1 Set install 73MM bottom bracket accessories

4 x 36V 250W stickers (only for 350W/500W/750W/1000W motor kit)

1 x of Cables Ties

1 x User Manual

1 Pair of Gloves

How about the brakes?

If you have hydraulic brakes, the kit includes stick-on sensors, if you have normal brake cables, replacement brake levers, and if you have integrated brake cable brake levers, a mix of both (where the brake lever and gear selector are integrated into one unit). No matter what type you have, they all disable the motor when you brake to prevent you from having to struggle against it when trying to stop. This safety feature is incredibly helpful!



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