Anti Theft Bike Alarm Wireless Vibrating with Remote Control


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113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Sensor Motorcycle Bike Alarm Security Remote

Anti Theft Bike Alarm Wireless with Remote Control Waterproof Vibration Sensor Security Bike Alarm Ultra Loud 113dB

Once triggered, the 113dB super loud alarm is a great deterrent and can effectively deter bike thieves.

Vibration alarm suitable for bicycles, scooters and motorcycles.
7-level sensitivity adjustable from soft touch to push or beat.
Effectively identify thieves with a loud 113dB alarm.
Easily find your bike with 6 types of bells with IP65 Waterproof material case.
Easy installation, tie your bike with the strap through the holes or stick the back of the alarm on your bike with the double-sided sticker.
It can be mounted under the saddle or on the frame.
Tri-axis accelerometer, 7-level sensitivity to adjust.
SOS emergency assistance function. The alarm will automatically sound to ask for help when your bike is tilted more than 45 degrees.


LOUD 113dB BIKE ALARM: A wonderful tool for preventing bike theft is the 113dB loud vibration bicycle alarm with remote control. With this alarm, you can protect your motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, e-bike, and more.

VIBRATION SENSOR ALARM: This anti-theft bicycle alarm responds to vibration or movement when it is activated. The 7 various sensitivity levels can be manually changed to suit your setup.

EASY TO SET UP: This anti-theft vibration alarm is simple to install. Prior to cleaning, ascertain the mounting surface. Then mount the alarm by using the cable ties and brackets or the provided adhesive on the alarm’s back.

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Even though locking your ebike with a chain is a smart way to prevent theft, an advanced security system is a better option to deter opportunistic burglars. Intruders will be successfully dissuaded by the 113 dB Wireless Bicycle Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm with Remote Control because they will be made aware of their obscenely loud sound.

Anti-theft loud alarm biclcles ebike

Use an alarm that can be as loud as 113dB to successfully scare away potential intruders. An alarm that was well-made performed nicely. With the three-level volume adjustment, you don’t have to worry if the alarm is too loud or too quiet.

  • Arming and disarming
  • Adjusting touch sensitivity
  • Select bell sound.
  • One key find a vehicle.
  • SOS functions
  • Battery low indicate

Remote control anti-theft ebike

Remote Control Function

It is simple to search your vehicle outdoors within a range of 66 feet, and an alert will sound when you touch the ringtone key.




7 Levels Adjustable Sensitivity

You may easily alter the sensitivity to your needs with the 7-level adjustable range from gentle touch to push or beat. Also, the remote control range is up to 50 meters, wireless operation, simple to use.

Wireless Bicycle Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm with Remote ControlSimple & Convenient Remote Control Operation

Arm key: Once pressed, the host alarm enters “Arm mode” and rings “Bi” five seconds later. In the event of shaking or tremor, the alarm will sound.

Disarm key: When you push this key, the alarm will exit “Arm mode” and go back into “standby mode”. The alarm sound will immediately stop, regardless of whether the host alarm has been triggered.

Change key: 6 different ringtones are available when you press this key.

Ringtone key: If you hit this key, the specified ringtone will be played as an alarm, making it simple to locate your bicycle.

3D Motion Sensing Alarm

In response to vibration, this 113dB Wireless Bicycle Anti-Theft Vibration Alarm with Remote Control rings. Upon being moved, the alarm will ring for 30 seconds or until it stops and will be audible upon being bumped.

Easy setup

This anti-theft alarm is easy to use and set up. First, thoroughly clean and dry the preferred mounting surface. Second, apply adhesive to the alarm’s back and position it as desired. As an alternative, you can wrap anything you desire with cable ties by passing them through the brackets behind the alarm.

Multi functional wireless alarm for ebikes and bicycles

Multipurpose Alarm

This gadget is not just for electric bicycle alarms. It is frequently used on bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, doors, and windows. Moreover, you can use this device practically everywhere thanks to its IP65 water resistance and the possibility to connect it with adhesive or cable ties. Use them as trailer alarms, fence alarms, window alarms, and more to increase security.
Bike Alarm with Remote Control, Powerful Wireless Electric Bike Alarm System
Anti Theft Burglar Bike Alarm with Remote

Bike Alarm with Remote Control


Detector Mode: Three-dimensional gyroscope chip detector sensor
Waterproof: IP65 suitable for outdoor use
Dimension Alarm:
(P x L x T): 3.72 x 1.63 x 0.91 inches 94.5 x 41.5 x 23.2 mm
Alarm Loudness: ≥: 113 dB
Battery Lifespan: 6-10 months
Remote Distance: 40-80m
Operating Temperature: -20~60°

The alarm requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included) for a standby time of 6-10 months. The remote control requires 1 LR27A battery (included) for more than one-year standby.

Package includes:
1 x Remote control
1 x Alarm device
1 x Operating manual
2 x Nylon cable ties
2 x Double-sided tape
1 x Screwdriver