ADO DECE 300 City Electric Bike 27.5 Inch Urban Commuter Hybrid e-Bike



ADO D30C City Electric Bike

ADO DECE 300 City High-Performance Hybrid Electric Road Bike

The Supreme City Hauler

Featuring a sturdy, lightweight aluminum build, Shimano 9-speed transmission, an ultra-long range of 90km (56mi), and a super-cool set of features, the ADO DECE 300 City Electric Bike is built to perfectly complement your city life!

The weight of only 22kg (48lbs) is a true featherweight for this category, agility during driving and practicality in transport gains a lot. Even pedalling without assistance is not as tiring as with other models.
The ADO DECE 300 mounts 27.5-inch CST All-Terrain tires, 1.95″ wide, with a moderate tread pattern that offers good comfort on the road but also a good grip on dirt.

Class-Leading Battery

The ADO D30C City Electric Bike has a high-quality detachable 10.4Ah Lithium-ion battery. This class-leading battery allows for an ultra-long range of 90km (56mi) ans comes with a number of protective features – ranging from temperature damage to over-discharge and short circuit protection. And thanks to a detachable design, the battery is convenient to carry and replace.
The battery is well integrated into the frame and almost invisible, it can be removed using the supplied key to recharge it comfortably at home or for safety reasons.

High-Speed Brushless Motor

The ADO DECE 300 comes equipped with a powerful 250W brushless DC motor that delivers a hefty 42Nm of torque. Unlike traditional motors, the brushless motor of the DECE 300 uses a more efficient and energy-saving commutating mechanism to prolong battery life. Moreover, there’s little to no maintenance required to keep the motor in shape.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

ADO has ensured complete rider safety by equipping the DECE 300 with super-durable hydraulic disc brakes at both front and rear to guarantee effortless and quick stoppage at all times.

Interactive Shock Absorbers

The ADO DECE 300 has an interactive shock absorber system that not only smoothens your rides but also lets you adapt to various road conditions. With a simple click of a button, you can change the wire-controlled shock absorber mechanism to suit the terrain you’re riding on!

Ultra-Precise Controller

The ADO DECE 300 comes with the G-Drive 2.0 control system which acts as the brain of the e-bike. It calculates how much pedal assist is required in real-time, making the ride feel natural and seamless. Moreover, G-Drive uses frequency conversion techniques to receive and transmit signals quickly and efficiently.

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ADO D30 Ebike City 90km speed

90km ultra-long range*
The ultra-long battery life guarantees your travel all day long.
*The data is for the ADO outdoor experimental test site, under the condition of a fully charged battery, 25°C, no wind, and 70kg load. The average speed on flat roads is 15 km/h. The actual range will vary with road conditions, ambient temperature, humidity, and wind speed, this is normal due to factors such as rider weight and riding habits.

ADO City ebike D30 250W 32v Battery

Vehicle-level new energy battery
10.4Ah detachable and multi-protected power battery is not only convenient to charge and carry, but also safe.

ADO D30 250W power engine

250W 42Nm Super Torque Motor
High-speed gear brushless motor. Through the golden reduction ratio gear set, the super torque can be converted up to 42Nm.

ado d30 shimano 9-speed transmission

Shimano 9-speed Transmission
Expert-level transmission for bicycles, allows you to gain faster speed on a flat road and less effort on the uphill.

ado d30c hydraulic disc brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes
Hydraulic brakes not only provide faster and less effort braking, they are also more durable.

ADO D30 Controlled fork shock Ebike

Controlled fork shock
Easily switchable fork shocks, adapt to various road conditions and make riding more comfortable.
Turn OFF damping on flat roads and uphills
Shock absorption ON bumpy roads

ADO D30C Lightweight aluminum alloy frame

Lightweight aluminium alloy frame
The body is made of lightweight aluminium alloy, the weight of the whole vehicle is only 22 kg, and it has been verified by SGS laboratory with 400,000 ageing tests.

ADO D30 HD LCD screen

HD LCD screen
Real-time showing cycling data, clearly display under the sunshine.


250W (36V) Rear drive high speed motor.

42 N.m

Samsung 21700 Lithium Power Cell (removable for portable charging)

System Voltage:


36V 2A

Charging time:
6-7 hours

Limited to 25km/h (15.5mi/h)

Electric Range:
Up to 60km – 37.2mi (depending on riders weight, terrain etc)

Boost Range:
Up to 90km – 55.9mi (depending on riders weight, terrain etc)

S830 Smart LCD Display with IPX5 Waterproof rating and LED headlight
One Key Power On/Off – 3 driving modes
Includes a small USB port that can be used to recharge your smartphone or other devices.

Frame Material:
AL6061 – Aluminium Alloy

Front & Rear Brake:
Kamros hydraulic disc brakes with 160mm discs

Braking Distance:
4m (dry) 6m (wet) (roughly)

Shock absorption:
Manual adjustment

Shimano Altus 9-Speed

27.5 x 1.95 inch CST All Terrain tires

Max Weight:
120kg (264.5lb)

Net Weight:
22kg – 48.5lb (Battery 2.2kg – 4lb)

180 x 640 x 110 cm

148 x 260 x 780 cm (29kg – 63.9lb)



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