Conquer any terrain with ease. Our fat tyre e-bike lets you explore new horizons with confidence. Whether it’s mountains, sand, or snow, our adventure e-bike will take you there. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!


Beat the traffic and arrive in style.
Our city e-bike makes commuting effortless and enjoyable. Get to work faster, without breaking a sweat. Discover the ultimate urban ride with us

Ride farther, faster, easier with us!

If you’re browsing this page, you may be considering purchasing an electric bike. Maybe you’ve had a chance to try one or saw one while travelling in Europe. At ST3IKE, we strive to provide you with a top-quality electric bicycle at an affordable price. With our capabilities, we can offer innovative electronic technology that is accessible to everyone, at a price that was previously two or three times higher.



Comfortable gel saddle breathable ergonomic design


Goes with you everywhere fits under most desks


250W powerful motor allows you to run at speeds up to 25kmh


Improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain



Built & Ready to Ride

The only way you’ll discover the fun and practicality of an eBike is to try one! Easy to ride further and faster, and they can make your life better all-round



The removable battery is integrated seamlessly into the bike’s frame. We did this on purpose to disguise the fact that the bike is electric. 



The battery offers up to 80km of riding autonomy. You can enjoy a week’s worth of commuting on one battery recharge



Folding bikes have exploded in recent years. This certainly for reasons of practicality and also because they are today more affordable.
So, if you live in the city and in a context where you use the bicycle daily to run errands and go to work then the folding electric bike is the perfect solution.

Our electric bicycles are equipped with very powerful batteries and motors capable of guaranteeing assisted pedalling even in the case of very steep climbs.

Fat Tires eBikes are one of the latest trends in the world of electric bikes. We can briefly define them as an evolution of MTB, but with wider wheels and tires. This type of bicycles have been designed to get where MTBs can’t: like off-road trails in very critical conditions with mud, snow or even sand for example. The wide tires guarantee very high stability making these electric bicycles usable both for beginners, but also for more experienced users.


Reviews from real ST3IKE customers.
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I’ve had the bike a week now and just getting used to my first E-bike.
Fully charged in 5 hours, the removable battery is only 2.5kg and is perfectly hidden in the main girder of the frame.
You can ride freely and explore the unplanned journey easily.

electric bicycle at an affordable price
Sarah McCormack
Dublin Ireland

The bike is very nice, sturdy, well made. It’s huge, my husband is 6’1” and it’s a great size for him. I’m 5’2” and it’s hard to get on and off but once I’m up and riding it doesn’t feel heavy and I can easily pedal without a problem. The controls are easy enough to figure out. When folded its again cumbersome to move and somewhat heavy for me, but ok for my husband. Overall great bike.

electric bicycle review
Laura Miller
NHS Paramedic

Amazing ebike. Came almost full charged out of the box and was mostly assembled all I needed to do was unfold assemble seat, peddles and handle bars and took 5 mins with help from a friend. I then rode 12 miles In mostly pure electric and still had half power left. It’s an amazing fat tires ebike and stylish and well worth the buy I’m guessing it’ll do around 40 miles pure electric but 35 with some peddle but not a single sweat is broken. I’m loving it lots great service and friendly delivery.

electric fat tires bicycle review
Charlie Berret
Sport Enthusiast

PERFECT packaging, all sensitive parts under protection, once inserted the bike inside additional foam protection to avoid internal movement during transport. NO SCRATCHES. First electric bike for me. Arrived folded and already assembled. Battery at 70% – flat tires (large valve attachment), the bike runs well with the engine off, it is well calibrated. In electric with assistance to 2 (of 3) it already makes its thrust immediately felt. It has a great torque.
I really couldn’t find better. the bike is more full-bodied than one might expect. Having it in front of you is almost… imposing!

fat tires ebike review
Marco Soldati

So, I did a lot of research into what I wanted and this “little” beast ticked nearly all the boxes. And I don’t regret picking it. Overall, it feels well built. Was delivered early, which was a really nice bonus and when I needed help rearranging the delivery as the early date took me by surprise, St3IKE were really quick and helpful with their response.
It was quick to build out the box, only took 10 minutes of effort, instruction are easy enough but if you know your way around a bike, you don’t need them.
ST3IKE a proper electric bicycle at an affordable price

affordable ebike review
Ellis McDonnel
Creative Director

I bought it as a birthday present for my husband. Excellent fat tires electric bike, with great strength, design, better than I expected. And it came to me in 5 days. This gem is perfect. Its a tank. Overall I highly recommend. So far no complaints.

Electric bicycle review
Elisha Warren
Social worker

This bike is beautiful and it is do cheap for the quality of what you receive and the range is quite impressive and becomes beyond outstanding if you pedal lightly as well. If you lock the bicycle somewhere, you can remove the battery. I’ll never pay for gas again.

Satisfied ST3IKE customer
Harry Hopper
Writer - UK